Giving Away Your Power

A somewhat uncommon pattern on a hair mineral analysis is called “giving away your power”.

Other names for the pattern in Tibetan medicine are “under water – can’t get her breath” or “drowning”.  All the names may be helpful to understand the meaning of the pattern.

Definition.  The pattern is present on an initial hair mineral analysis when the sodium level and the potassium level are both 1 mg% or less.

The hair must not be washed at the laboratory for the pattern to be valid.

The pattern is even more important if four lows pattern is present with it.

Meaning.  A sodium level of 1 mg% or less is an extreme burnout pattern.  In addition, the sodium/potassium ratio is very low, which is another burnout pattern.  In addition, a potassium level of 1 mg% is extreme sympathetic dominance, meaning the person is pushing himself or herself.

It may be an escape to death pattern and is definitely a victimization pattern.

Notes about this pattern.  If a four lows pattern is also present, more taurine may be needed than if the giving away your power pattern were not present.

The person usually needs plenty of peace and time for oneself.  It can be a co-dependent pattern in which one is out of sync with oneself.

In other systems of thought, it may be considered a tuning problem in which a person is tuned too much to others, and not enough to oneself and one’s own needs.

This pattern usually goes away on its own during a deep healing program, usually within several months.