Energy. Health. Vitality.

These three words are the cornerstone of my practice.

I’ve been a nutritionist for 25+ years, specializing in Mineral-Nutritional Balancing for just over fifteen. My approach to nutritional healing is to meet you where you’re at.

I focus on whole-system healing because it heals at a deep level. I don’t ignore symptoms or specific concerns (in fact, they’re often the starting place), but I always see the whole person. This means we can get to the root cause instead of only treating symptoms.

Susan Cachay Nutrition

Mineral-Nutritional Balancing

This branch of nutrition is based on the pioneering work of Dr. Paul Eck and the basis for my recommendations is Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis. This is a screening test that shows the levels of 15 minerals and 6 toxic metals, and gives a picture of stress patterns and health trends.

Hair Analysis reveals something called the oxidation rate, which is based on thyroid and adrenal gland function. This is related to the rate at which your body utilizes nutrients in food. From this, I make dietary recommendations to balance your oxidation rate.

When we look at common physical, mental and emotional health conditions through the lens of mineral imbalances and the presence of toxic metals, we have a better understanding of the causes and more importantly, how to heal.

For a deeper dive, read my post on the Benefits of Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis.

General Nutrition

Although healing via Mineral-Nutritional Balancing has been a particular focus, I also have specialized training in the areas of digestive and hormonal health, adverse reactions to medications, and chronic fatigue syndrome, plus concerns specific to women.

Food is intimately connected to how we feel. Sometimes we think we’re eating well, but we might not realize foods can contain irritants that can result in symptoms, particularly when gut function is compromised. I can help you connect the dots.

Whether or not we’re using Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis, I take into consideration your sensitivities to foods, supplements, and detoxification protocols. With this in mind, I make recommendations that support and respect your unique bodymind and health goals.

Where do supplements fit in?

Key supplements are often helpful, especially at the beginning of the healing process because they encourage the body chemistry to shift.

If we’re doing Mineral-Nutritional Balancing, I recommend supplements based on the results of Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis along with what I learn about your health challenges and goals. If we’re doing general nutrition, I can make recommendations to support overall health with or without supplements.