Practitioner Training

Mineral-Nutritional Balancing is a comprehensive, precise, and elegant approach to healing.

The brainchild of Dr. Paul Eck (D.N.), Mineral-Nutritional Balancing is based on Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA). He recognized how it could be used to understand the way that relationships between minerals and other nutrients in the body determine someone’s energy level. Given that Dr. Eck viewed health as an expression of energy and vitality, he was motivated to find ways to bring these relationships into balance.

It is the relationships between the minerals in your tissues that help determine your physical and emotional vitality.

Dr. Paul Eck

Why Choose This Course?

My goal is for you to develop a high level of competency in how to review and interpret Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis charts, how to design programs, and how to deliver the results and recommendations to clients.

You’ll receive:

  • a Mineral-Nutritional Balancing Practitioner (MNBP) certificate that allows you to open an account with Analytical Research Labs, Inc. (for Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis) and Endo-met Laboratories, Inc. (for supplements)
  • reference guides, quick-views and checklists to make interpretation and program recommendations easy
  • one-year post-course coaching
  • professional-quality start-up materials to get your practice up and running right away!
  • practitioner listing on Mineral-Nutritional Balancing website



Next Steps

Email with an expression of interest and include:

  • educational background (specifically any nutrition-based courses or programs)
  • if you currently have a wellness practice, and what kind
  • if you’re on a Mineral-Nutritional Balancing program, and for how long

  • whether you’re taking the course to become a practitioner or for personal interest

Mineral Wheel

Who is this course for?

If you are on a Mineral-Nutritional Balancing program and ready to guide others, this course certifies you to become a practitioner so you can build your own practice. You must currently be on a program (for a minimum of six months) to be eligible for this course.

Even if you don’t plan to be a practitioner (at least, not yet), this course can offer you a thorough understanding of how to read your own hair analysis charts.

Do you have an existing wellness practice? HTMA and Mineral-Nutritional Balancing are
complementary modalities if you are a:

  • Nutritionist or Dietician
  • Naturopath or Herbalist
  • Integrative physician
  • Chiropractor or Massage Therapist
  • Psychologist or Counsellor
  • other health practitioner

Setting you up for success

Post-course coaching

For the first year of your practice, I’ll review your clients’ charts and support you in designing program recommendations. This requires using Analytical Research Labs, Inc. (for Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis) and Endo-met Laboratories, Inc. (for supplements). ARL and Endo-met were founded by Dr. Paul Eck.

Coaching beyond the first year is available for a fee.

Start-up materials for your practice

You’ll be provided with:

  • new client and retest questionnaires (fillable PDFs)
  • professionally written and referenced articles on:
    − Mineral-Nutritional Balancing
    − self-care practices (e.g. sauna, coffee enemas, dry skin brushing, meditation, foot reflexology, sleep hygiene)
    − food/diet
    − other topics such as personal care products, cleaning products, forgiveness
  • food & feelings tracker (fillable PDF)
  • client handbook (70+ pages) containing the articles mentioned above and the food & feelings tracker with a cover page and linked index (PDF)
  • illustrated hair sampling instructions
You have the option to have your logo added to the start-up materials.

Course overview

You’ll be grounded in key foundational concepts.

You’ll become proficient at interpreting an HTMA chart by understanding:

  • healthy mineral levels and possible symptoms associated with deficiency or excess
  • how to use mineral levels and ratios to identify significant patterns
  • physical symptoms and emotional meanings of patterns
  • significant mineral ratios and what they represent
  • stages of stress (oxidation rates)
  • key indicators (immune function, liver and kidney function, digestive function, thyroid and adrenal stress, overall vitality)
  • effects of toxic metals and symptoms associated with toxicity
    You’ll learn to design and present program recommendations, including:

    • specific supplementation for each client’s unique biochemistry
    • basic food/diet, detoxification and lifestyle recommendations
    • how to effectively review HTMA results and program recommendations with clients


    • short-answer and short-essay questions
    • case studies to practice your reviewing and interpreting skills

    These will be marked and you’ll receive a percentage grade with supportive feedback.


    • interpret and develop recommendations for 4 case studies
    • present one case study via video

    These will be evaluated and you’ll receive a percentage grade with supportive feedback.
    Successful completion of the course requires a minimum average 90% on the coursework and exam.


    This is a distance-learning course. You’ll work at your own pace. You have up to 1 year to complete the coursework and exam (allow at least 4 weeks for the exam)

    Course materials

    Included in the course fee:

    • reference and interpretation guides, quick-views and checklists to streamline hair analysis interpretation and program recommendations
    • Energy: How it affects your emotions, your level of achievements, and your entire personal well-being. An interview with Dr. Paul Eck by Colin & Loren Chatsworth
    • Mineral Reference Guide
    • Toxic Metals Sources and Symptoms Guide

    • how to explain Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis results
    • tips to increase client satisfaction and retention
    • food/diet
    • detoxification
    • lifestyle

    Links will be provided for

    • articles on the Analytical Research Laboratories, Inc. website
    • Nutritional Balancing and Hair Mineral Analysis: A New Science of Energy, by Lawrence Wilson, M.D. (for purchase on Amazon or links to relevant articles provided)

    About me

    I’ve been a nutritionist for 25+ years, specializing in Mineral-Nutritional Balancing since 2007.

    • I’ve reviewed thousands of Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis charts
    • Bachelor’s in Health Education
    • Master’s in Psychology Counselling
    • advanced training in Mineral-Nutritional Balancing
    • Registered Nutritional Consultant Practitioner with specialized training in the areas of digestive and hormonal health plus concerns specific to women
    • long-standing member of the BC College of Teachers
    • member of International Organization of Nutritional Consultants