Services & Fees

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Although I find it most effective to combine nutrition and counselling, I’m also able to provide either one separately if that meets your needs.


The Comprehensive Package: $350

I recommend this package when you first start to work with me. It provides me with the most information for personalized recommendations.


Health History & Symptom Review (1 session, 60–75 minutes)
During the session we’ll cover:

  • your own and your family’s health history
  • your current supplements and/or medications
  • your health concerns
  • what has and hasn’t worked for you in the past
  • possible obstacles to your health and well-being goals
  • your mental and emotional health
  • emotional support systems
  • helpful testing (such as initial Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis, blood tests)

Initial Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis
This is a screening test that shows the levels of 15 minerals and 6 toxic metals, and gives a picture of how different systems are doing. I’ll send you the test kit.


I bring together what came out of our review plus test results to create a suggested Personalized Active Care Plan, organized into manageable pieces with a flexible timeline.


Your Personalized Active Care Plan (1 session, 90 minutes)
We’ll review the results of your initial Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis in detail. We’ll talk through my recommendations and with your input we’ll have a plan that’s doable for you. You always have the final say in what you eat, any supplements you take, all of it.


These are the key areas of a Personalized Active Care Plan and Mineral-Nutritional Balancing program:

  • remove possible sources of interference
  • what to eat and drink
  • how to get the rest and sleep you need
  • gentle and effective ways to detoxify
  • what supplements to take
  • how to benefit from meditation
  • ways to include movement in your life
  • recommendations for counselling to support mental and emotional health


The Comprehensive Package is a $425 value. I offer an additional discount if 2 or more people in your family work with me.

Initial Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis: $250

If you want to jump straight to a hair test, I offer that too. This includes a detailed review of the test results and Mineral-Nutritional Balancing Program recommendations.

I offer a discount when 2 or more people test at the same time.

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Retest: $160

This includes a detailed review of the test results and adjustments to recommendations. I usually recommend Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis retesting every 3-4 months so that we can make accurate adjustments to your Personalized Active Care Plan. You’ll enjoy following your progress as you learn how to read the test results.


I’m all ears as you fill me in on how things are coming along—the wins and the setbacks. Together we’ll fine-tune your Mineral-Nutritional Balancing Program or your Personalized Active Care Plan. Note: This is not a counselling session.
30 minutes: $60
60 minutes: $100

Counselling Support (60 minutes): $120

We’ll have already removed foods and other things that can interfere with your bodymind being at its best. Now it’s time to look at your core beliefs, which are your most deeply held assumptions about yourself, others, and the world. This can often be the missing piece of your health puzzle. Core beliefs might be causing trauma looping in your brain’s limbic system, keeping you stuck in old patterns.

Although I find it most effective to combine nutrition and counselling, I also offer counselling support on its own around topics such as relationships, lack of self-confidence, boundaries, life coaching, and support for acute and chronic health conditions.

I offer a 25% discount on prepaid packages of 3 or more sessions.