Workaholic Pattern

A pattern on a hair mineral analysis in which the hair has not been washed at the laboratory that was not part of Dr. Eck’s original work we call workaholic.  It may also be called the intense pattern because the people are often quite intense.

            Definition or criteria.This pattern is present when a hair mineral test reveals:

1. The first three or first four macrominerals are elevated. (four highs pattern or three highs pattern with high calcium, magnesium and sodium).

2. The sodium/potassium ratio is above 5.

The Meaning of this pattern. One can see the meaning of the pattern by combining the meaning of four highs and that of a high sodium/potassium ratio.  Four highs is a lot of stress, often a delicate and perhaps depressed type of person who is afraid or for some reason does not want to slow down into slow oxidation even though that is where they belong, and it is an unstable pattern as well.

            This combines with a high sodium/potassium ratio, which indicates acute stress, inflammation, anger, pushing oneself, trying very hard and so on.

The person may not work at an office or job 80 hours a week.  The pattern occurs in housewives, laborers and anyone, in fact, who is using work or some similar activity as an escape and perhaps as a drug to stay stimulated, as they are afraid or unwilling for some reason to slow down and relax.

Whom and when.  The pattern is becoming more common in men and women, almost always in adults rather than children, and perhaps more in those of middle age, rather than the young or very old.  Most are sensitive, intelligent people.

A copper personality type.  Workaholic may perhaps be a copper personality type.  This means that the action of copper on the brain and nervous system, in particular, may contribute to the pattern.  The copper may cause the mind to race and may cause a type of reduced awareness that makes the pattern worse or even causes it.

This is more likely if the hair copper level is above 2.5.  Copper toxicity may also contribute to anger, which is part of the pattern, in most cases.  The person is exhausted in most cases, but just keeps on working, in part out of anger or emotion of some kind. 

A sympathetic dominance pattern. Workaholic is also a sympathetic dominance pattern.  This means it is associated with an imbalance of the autonomic nervous system that makes it difficult for the person to slow down. 

Other symptoms that may be seen with this pattern, but not necessarily (most related to copper imbalance).  These include a coppery personality type, angry, spacy, irritable, attention deficit or ADD, cancer, compulsive, exhausted, headache, or confusion.  Other are worried, sinus congestion, perhaps, inflammatory conditions, artery disease, anxious, bruising, craving sweets, dandruff, PMS, low libido, immature, and a little whacky or kooky, perhaps, especially if high mercury is present.  Women may have lumpy or fibrocystic breasts and fibroid tumorss,

Super Workaholic.  This is an even newer and less well researched finding.  The criteria are:

1. Four highs

2. Na/K ratio above 5.

3. A calcium shell (calcium above 165 mg% in women or above 155 mg% in men)

4. Perhaps a Ca/mg ratio above 9.5.

            This appears to be a more extreme workaholic pattern.  The calcium shell indicates more copper toxicity, and more reduced awareness.  The high Ca/Mg ratio often just reinforces a high Na/K ratio, in terms of symptoms.  This is called a double high ratio pattern.


            There are not too many, except to realize this is a lifestyle pattern, more so than a simple four highs pattern or a simple high Na/K ratio pattern.  Therefore, counseling the person and discussing lifestyle, diet and other simple measures to help the person slow down and relax may be extremely helpful.